Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Path to Progress....

Here is the beginning of my organization mission! My first inspiration was the Pinterest Menu Board idea that I blogged about in December. Here is how mine turned out!
This led to organizing the rest of the pantry. I should have taken before pictures, just to remind myself that I am making great progress! I wish I was someone who had a perfect home in every nook and cranny, but it isn't that way. So, I stay focused and love the way it is progressing.

Notice the square containers-these will be seen in more of my pictures! K-Mart had these on sale last week for $2.49(reg.6.99)! I needed a place to store all the lids that I had in various locations in the kitchen, so two of the bins are labeled "Lids". I also have one for Chips, Snacks, Bread, and a couple on the floor in the picture for chips, Doritoes, and pretzels that haven't been opened.
Now that I had the lids organized, what would I do with all the containers? I picked a few to have handy and put the others to the back of a cabinet. Here is the idea I came up with for getting to them easily!
Next I continued using the awesome storage bins, as I took my project to the hall closet. I still have some bins to label, but here is what I have done so far!

These storage bins have the fabric handle, but I got this idea for labeling them on Pinterest. The silver piece is a pipe holder(19 cents at Home Depot). I used a book ring and paper key tags. A little bit more work, but worth it, I think.
Now to my Master Bedroom Closet....
Problem here-stuff everywhere! Too many things I don't wear and don't need.

Now for the final picture! One thing that needed organization was my scarves. Even though the bins are great, I wanted to come up with something that would have them out where I could see them. I came up with something that I think turned out pretty good. Check this out!
I bought a piece of the narrow lattice at Home Depot($12.49) and had it cut in half. I have an extra piece for Sara or a future project! I used an over the door hanger and put it through one of the spaces. I now have a way to organize and "see" my scarves. The door knob fits in one of the bottom holes, so it hangs straight and gives me the space to push the scarves through the holes.
Wow! I am loving the transformation! I have tons of things I cleared out to donate! Win...Win all the way around.
Now...off to do more! :) Have a great week!~Julie

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  1. You are doing such a great job! Next step, my room! :)


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