Sunday, September 9, 2012

Health Benefits of Beef Jerky!

One of my team members found this article on LiveStrong's website about the health benefits of jerky! Check it out. As I was reading it, it mentions that jerky is high in sodium and a 1 oz serving has 590 mg of sodium. I went and checked the label on ours and guess what? It's only 380 mg! And...I compared it to other national brands and found it is less in calories and the sugar content is less. Not only is our jerky made with no preservatives, msg or nitrites, it is just down right more healthy! For $12 plus less than $2 shipping, every month you can get two bags sent to your house! When you do that, you will also get your own FREE website to purchase more at wholesale prices and...if you want to work it as a can refer people to the site and make a commission off the retail sales you get. You could be earning your jerky for FREE! Visit my site and look around to see if it's of interest to you...!

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