Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Save More Than Money!

One of my favorite organizing tools is my Couponizer! I am lucky enough to be a Couponizer Coach and share this product with others! A coupon, loyalty card, or reward card will do no good, if you don't have it when you need it! This is a great solution! It will pay for itself the first shopping trip you use it! I have a Facebook page-I Save With Coupons-where I share deals I am finding. Check it out! :)
If you would like to purchase this product-contact me! It sells for $19.95 plus shipping, and makes a great gift!
Contact me at for more information, or visit my website and order online at!

10th Anniversary Couponizer System

Order Your Couponizer Today!

Getting cash out of your coupons takes having ORDER, STRUCTURE, EFFICIENCY and SUPPORT to make it happen! Otherwise you wind up with a bunch of paper clutter which creates unecessary stress rather than savings. The Couponizer provided all that is needed to start saving quickly and keep going so savings add up!
Already tried other organization methods? Envelopes? Binders? Accordian files? Rolodex? All good until you have to use them consistently week in and week out. Over time, the frustration outweighs the function and then coupons become a burden instead of a blessing. You need a Couponizer!
Extreme Couponing is sweeping the nation however most consumers figure out quickly that a big bulky binder of coupons is just too much. Our feature product, The Couponizer, takes coupon organization to the next level and is compact, light and easy to organize and transport your savings to any store! The Couponizer book contains pockets that are categorized like the aisles of a grocery store as well as holder pockets for other coupons such as restaurant and retail. The organizational features work together to help you take full advantage of the multitude of savings opportunities available today both online and in print.
*Product information shared from The Couponizer website.

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